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How to Monitor your Employees Activities with TheOneSpy


Are you concerned about your employees’ activities inside the workplace? If yes, you are not alone who is anxious about unproductive workers. The employee efficiency matters a lot because it has a direct relation with company income. The entrepreneurs around the world supervise their workers to restrict them from unnecessary acts. Majority of employees try to kill their working hours doing unproductive things like watching videos, doing online shopping or updating their social media profiles. To enable employers to restrict their workers from getting involved in unproductive acts, the technologists have developed Employee monitoring tools. With the use of employee tracking software like TheOneSpy, the business persons can keep an eye on almost every activity of employees performed inside and outside the workstation. Read on to know how this software lets you supervise your working staff.

TheOneSpy Employee Monitoring Software

The employee tracking software enables employers to closely watch out activities performed on company-owned mobile phone and computer devices. They can keep track of online and offline activities performed during the working hours. The software helps employers ensure that their workers do not engage in unproductive acts such as managing personal social media accounts, having gossips and unnecessary discussions through instant messengers, doing online shopping or streaming video and music sites.

How does Employee Surveillance App Work?

Once you install the app on company-owned cell phones and computer devices, the monitoring solution gets access to data saved on these devices. It includes internet browsing history that helps to evaluate internet usage of workers. Moreover, the app provides access to data relevant to social apps and instant messengers. The end-user of the spy software can retrieve the data through a web-based control panel. Given features of the employee surveillance software explain working of this solution with more clarity.

Monitor Communication

The conversations made between employees and customers are needed to be supervised to ensure that your clients have been served properly. The employee monitoring software lets you read online and offline chats of your employees made via company-owned monitored devices. It includes text messages, MMS, social media chats, emails, instant messages, one-one-one chats and group chats. The supervision of internal and external communication of employees discourages gossips, hate speech, harassment and dissemination of false information.

Track Social Media Apps

The android spy app lets you supervise activities performed on popular social media apps including Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook. You can see what your workers post and what they share through the commonly used social apps. It also helps to evaluate the performance of social media managing staff. The surveillance software also allows overseeing WhatsApp, Line, IMO, Snapchat, Skype, Hike, Hangout, Kik, Telegram and Yahoo messenger.

Access Browsing Detail

The internet provides innumerable perks to business organizations. However, the unsupervised and unrestricted use of the internet can involve your employees into unproductive activities. The surveillance software lets you keep tabs on internet use of workers. It lets you know how they use internet on their mobile phones and computers. It provides access to the internet browsing history of most commonly used internet browsers including Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Capture Real-Time Activities

You can closely monitor the activities of suspicious employees by getting their real-time actions recorded. The software lets you know what a specific worker is doing at the moment. You can capture mobile phone and computer screen of your target by sending command of screen recording or screenshots. The spy app secretly makes video or takes screenshots to let you see whatever act your employee performs on the monitored digital device.

Track GPS Location

The traveling workers can also be supervised with the help of cell phone surveillance software. You can find out their current position and can get detail of every tour made by them.

Record Passwords

The online accounts operated on company-owned mobile phones and computer devices can be accessed with the help of recorded keylogs. The software records keylogs of passwords, usernames and email addresses. These keystrokes can be retrieved via web portal of TOS.

Monitor Surroundings

The microphone and camera of monitored cell phone and computer can be turned on to see and record the surrounding events. You can take photos or make videos to capture your workers’ activities inside the workstation.


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