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Innovative Marketing Strategies that Your Business Could Use

Marketing nowadays is more different than it has ever been. Businesses everywhere are taking this moment to review their current strategies and work out what exactly they are doing right and where they can improve. Thanks to the pandemic (which derailed a number of companies plans and campaigns), there had to be a huge pivot in strategy. Though this period of uncertainty brought with it a lot of turmoil for a lot of people, there were also silver linings hidden amongst the clouds, one of the most prevalent being the implementation of a number of innovative marketing strategies. These are still very relevant and so this article will discuss these strategies and whether your business should be using them.

Sticker Marketing

This is a great method of marketing but one that certainly depends on what your business does. The businesses in question tend to be aimed at more creative and younger audiences. It essentially means the printing of stickers and labels on machines such as the 360a Series Label Applicator and then sticking them around highly populated areas. If you have been in a cool bar recently then no doubt you will have seen them on tables and in toilets, you will also see them on random walls in the street and on skate parks. Though it is simple, if you have an eye-catching design and make the name of your business clear, you can generate a lot of traffic towards your website with this method.

Educational Content

People now, because of the vast amount of content that is available to them online, look to the internet as a means of not only entertainment but education (just look at how popular Netflix documentaries are at the moment). As such, it is a good idea for businesses to start to use educational content within their marketing strategy. Think about online classes, workshops and webinars that you could use that pertain to your industry and that could seamlessly relate to what your business does and how it can benefit your customers.

Host Virtual Events

These can be done at a very low cost and are increasing in popularity thanks to the impact that the pandemic had on meeting in large groups. You can open your business up to anyone who would like to sit in on an event and do a Q&A that involves other members of staff, founders or even guest speakers. You could even just have a casual conversation with your consumers as a means to make your business seem more approachable and help your customers feel like they are more than just a number.


The pandemic brought with it a lot of problems and overcoming them meant coming up with new and innovative ways to market businesses. Some (but not all) of these are listed above as people started placing stickers in highly populated areas as well as creating educational content and also hosting virtual events. All of these can benefit your business as you increase exposure and ensure client retention by making them feel special and like more than just a customer.










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