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Jio Vs. Airtel Postpaid Plans: Which Is Better?

Airtel and Jio are both well-known telecommunication service providers. Recently, both companies have come up with an array of postpaid plans that have plenty of benefits. From getting hands-on OTT platforms to free SMS, these packages offer several services that, too, within your budget. Here we have listed postpaid plans from both companies.

List of Postpaid Plans of Jio

1. 399 Postpaid Plan

This is one of the basic postpaid plans offered by Jio; with this plan, you will get 75 GB of data, and once this is exhausted, the user would have to pay Rs. 10 per GB. Also, the unused data would be credited up to 200 GB. In addition to this, the Jio users will get unlimited voice calling, SMS, and a complimentary subscription to the Jio app. However, if you want Jio prime, you would have to pay Rs. 99.

2. Rs. 599 Jio Mobile Recharge Plan

This plan from Jio is priced at Rs. 599, and it provides 100 GB of data. Thereafter the user would get 1 GB on paying Rs. 10. The data rollover for the same is 200 GB. Also, one would get unlimited SMS and voice calling facility along with the complimentary Jio app. This plan’s benefit is that you would be allowed to get the one family plan additional SIM Card. You can also go for many other Jio mobile recharge plans for more benefits and services.

3. 799 Postpaid Plan from Jio

As the name of the plan suggests, this Jio postpaid plan is available at the Rs. 799, and the user would get 150 GB data. Once the data is finished, the user can buy 1 GB of data on paying Rs.10. This, too, gives complimentary SMS and voice calling with a complimentary subscription. In addition, this plan provides two additional SIM cards along with the family plan.

4. 999 Jio Postpaid Plan

With this Jio postpaid plan, one would get 200 GB data and after that Rs. 10/GB. The data rollover for the same would be 500 GB. And, the users will get different voice calling and unlimited SMS with a complimentary subscription of Jio Apps. With this plan, the users would get three additional SIM cards with a family plan.

5. Rs. 1599 Jio Postpaid Plan

The total data you will get is 300 GB, and after that, Rs. 10 per GB. The data rollover for the same would be 500 GB. Like other postpaid plans, the user will get unlimited voice, SMS, and the user will get a complimentary subscription to the Jio app. However, he would have to pay Rs. 99 in order to reap the benefits of Jio Prime.

6. 199 Jio Postpaid Plan

Besides these plans, Jio has also introduced an essential and affordable postpaid plan that is priced at Rs. 199. The person will get the benefit of 25 GB. He will get unlimited SMS for 100 days. Also, you would get truly unlimited on-net voice calling.

List of Airtel Postpaid Recharge Plans

1. Airtel Postpaid Plan Rs. 399

This Airtel postpaid plan provides unlimited calling 40 GB 3G/4G data every month along with the rollover facility. This helps the subscribers to use the unused data in the following month. Also, the users can maximize the benefits of an Amazon prime video subscription for a year with Zee5 and Airtel TV subscription as complimentary.

2. Airtel’s Postpaid Plan Rs. 499

With this plan, the user would get unlimited calling and 75 GB 3G or 4G data every month along with the rollover facility. Also, the subscribers would get a Netflix subscription for three months, a one-year subscription of Amazon prime along with Airtel TV and Zee5.

3. Airtel’s Postpaid Plan Rs. 649

This Airtel plan gives unlimited calling and 90GB data for 3G or 4G users every month. The user also gets a rollover facility and subscription to OTT platforms. The subscriber would get a subscription to Netflix for three months, Amazon prime video for a year, and Airtel TV with Zee 5. That’s not it; the users can also use additional facility-handset protection with free add-on connection and unlimited calls.

4. 799 Airtel Postpaid Plan

With this Airtel postpaid package, the user would get unlimited calling, 100 GB 3G/4G data every month, along with the rollover facility. The user will also get a subscription to Netflix for three months and one year Amazon Prime subscription. The user will also get Airtel TV and Zee5 within the plan. The subscribers would also get the facility of the handset protection and free add-on connection with unlimited calls.

5. Airtel Postpaid Plan for Rs. 1,199

This plan provides 120 GB 3g/4G data every year that too with the unlimited calling facility. The user would also get the Netflix subscription facility for three months and a one-year subscription for Amazon Prime Video. Along with the plan, the user will also get handset protection and unlimited calling.


Above, we have listed all the latest postpaid plans that have been offered by Jio and Airtel. Both the companies are renowned telecommunication services provider. Amongst both, Jio has lesser Tariffs; however, Airtel has more variety. Now it is up to you which network you would like to choose.

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