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Top 5 Best Things to Do in Maryland With Kids

Planning family trips can be exhausting when you want to keep your kids engaged and entertained the whole time.

Sometimes, the research you do looks good on paper. However, many parents show up for a day of fun only to find themselves wondering why a ‘family-friendly’ activity has nothing available for kids!

If you’re planning on visiting Maryland, and want to avoid technology to keep your kids entertained, we’ve got you covered with the top 5 things to do in Maryland with kids.

See the Landmarks

A trip to Maryland is a great opportunity to show your kids some of the oldest, and most iconic American landmarks.

Get a panoramic view of DC from The Capital Wheel. Situated in the National Harbor, this 180-foot tall ferris wheel looks out over the Potomac River. Glimpse the White House, the Washington Monument, and more from a comfortable, high-soaring seat.

For kids that aren’t a fan of heights, check out the carousel and let them choose a decorated steed, or let them explore the playground while you take in the view.

Educational Family Fun

Let your kids discover their creativity with a trip to the KID Museum in Bethesda, Maryland. This trip will have all the educational qualities of a museum, presented as a fun and interactive experience for kids.

From art to engineering, kids can explore their interests and engage in the variety of programs offered at the museum.

Not only will this be a fun activity for the family to enjoy, but kids can leave with something that they created themselves to show their friends back home.

Get Active

Let your kids release some energy with a family-friendly hike. Maryland offers some of the best hiking trails that are suitable for children.

These hiking trails often have waterfalls and rivers for your kids to play in. A family hiking day can be a great way to remind your kids of all the beautiful and fascinating things nature has to offer.

Explore the Aquarium

If you’re looking for things to do in Baltimore, that are sure to leave your kids amazed, consider visiting the aquarium. From sea turtles to crocodiles, to dolphins and sharks, kids will be able to see their favorite sea creatures up close and personal.

This aquarium offers more than just looking through a glass tank, join one of the special tours and experience things like a dolphin training session, or a private reptile encounter.

You can expect a trip to the National Aquarium to be highly accommodating to families. From easy parking to changing tables and a stroller check inside, you don’t have to worry about bringing your whole family here.

Commemorate the trip by stopping by the gift shop or taking a family photo to hang on your wall at home.

Things To Do in Maryland With Kids Under 4

Some kid-friendly activities are not always suitable for your ever-curious tots. For those kids that are just starting to walk and talk, consider taking a trip to one of the nature reserves in Maryland.

These nature centers often have playrooms specially designed for young kids, with blocks and toys that let them explore their senses and develop their minds. Take them on one of the walking trails or let them play on an outdoor playground that’s safe and fun for your little ones.

Plan Your Trip Today

We hope this list has got you thinking about some fun things to do in Maryland with kids. Get started planning your family trip today and get ready to make some memories!

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