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Logo Styles and Their Importance in a Company

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A logo is a mandatory part of every company. It is necessary to tell the customers about the activity of the organization, its features, and its merits. Determining what style will suit a particular organization will not be easy, because of its diversity.

Styles of the logo: a description

In total, there are several varieties of logo styles:

Classic: Supposed a restrained and concise design. Such an emblem is distinguished by the completeness of forms. It does not contain any pretentiousness. Basically, the creation of such a logo does not apply such effects, which focus attention on details. The main significance is endowed with a general image.

Modern: These logos are distinguished by originality, and relief, it is a special logos, which have their own distinctive features. When creating logos, you can use a variety of shapes, colors, and elements. Unconventionality is supported, and carelessness is allowed. Such compositions should be harmonious, and their components carry information and are appropriate.

Vintage: Vintage logos are not just a reference to the past. It is a strategy of cooperation with the world. A vintage-style logo is quite a bold and unusual decision. If created correctly, such a logo will create a furor because it can attract attention. Creating such a logo – is a time-consuming, lengthy procedure, but it is worth it if the idea is unusual, new, and interesting. In this style, there are no straight lines or curves. It implies the smoothness of transitions. The colors used in the logo are only restrained and muted. Avoid bright and saturated shades.

Abstraction: This style includes a variety of logos: both single symbols and complex images. Although the emblems are meaningful, the audience has an opportunity to find something of their own in them. There are no prototype templates in the present, there is a certain play with the subconscious. When creating a logo you should pay attention to the psychological and emotional impact on the audience as individual components, and the overall composition.

Minimalism: This style consists of simplicity, neatness, and accessibility. This approach meets the requirements of modern society, as well as an overabundance of information to cut off all unnecessary, to maximize the effectiveness of conveying information. Using this style, you can show exactly, without unnecessary details, the essence of the brand, the main idea, and the mission.

How to choose the logo style?

The logo is the face of every company. Therefore, it is very important to consider various features when choosing its style. This includes the direction of business activities, the mission, and the concept of the company. It is worth necessarily proceeding from what services (products) the company offers. The next important nuance is the peculiarities of the target audience. Some brands are fine with minimalist style logos, others – modern, and others – abstract. A universal option that suits almost every company will be a classic. If you are ready to take risks and are confident in your abilities, you may prefer the vintage style.

Determining the style of the logo is associated with fonts. For example, branded fonts focus attention on the work of the brand. Lettering – influence the emotions of the CA. You can give preference to options that both have a full illustration and memorable symbols.


Each style of logo has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you use a unique, interesting idea, each style will look winning. Will excite the CA, and will be remembered.

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Shehbaz Malik
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