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Few Mobile Apps Used for Social Media Management

Social media growth has enhanced the development of apps, technologies, and software that supports the company in monitoring its presence and maintaining its engagement. The social media campaigns get effectively managed using mobile applications as they seem user-friendly.  Mobile applications used for social media management help the user feel easy while handling it instead of sitting in front of your desktops. These apps have fast processors as it keeps track of your updates made on the social media pages. It always works on recording your updates and activities online.

Recently the users seem more active online, which is why businesses have to leverage social media into their marketing and other activities. The social management tools are moving forward to enhance your determination and help you stay focused on all the applications you are using. You can make use of Trollishly, one of the best service providers, to get ideas about the latest trends in social media. The following are a few app suggestions for you to employ in social media management. 

Facebook Pages Manager

Facebook pages manager is an efficient key to all the Facebook admins. Posting content on Facebook becomes very simple for the admins using this application. Facebook pages manager concentrates more on permitting the users to maintain their pages with no risk. This manager resembles the typical Facebook application. You can have an understanding of the page by just checking into its main page.

Always have a note on the accounts and privacy while you check on the page admins. It helps you maintain good management. With this app’s help, it is easy for the user to check on their post views, and they are allowed to like, comment, and share their content. It also notifies you about the people who are discussing your posts. These Metric views can reach you even if you are not in front of the desktop.

The data in these metrics will provide you with the opportunity to analyze the reach of your updates. Facebook Pages Manager gets downloaded by both Android and iOS users.


Plume seems more user-friendly compared to few other applications online. You are allowed to alter the applications’ look and exposure as you like. The application possesses the best customization feature. The main screen itself includes the mentioned tabs, direct message options, home, and timeline settings.

Twitter posts are displayed using the timeline view to embed the Twitter links, mute a few posts, and work on spam feeds. In the home late, you will be able to check on the recent trending updates. Everything on the application is put together in columns and personalized as per users’ preferences. Plume is free for all android users, and they can enjoy using it without making any further payments.


Mention app as a good application provides the best way to brand and analyze your brand’s performance online. Monitoring your brand is equally essential as exploring analytics and content. It also records if the brand posts get discussed or spoken of. The apps’ responsibility is to notify the users every time someone mentions the brand name somewhere on social media.

Sometimes if you feel like getting to risk regarding the brand’s reputation, the application will provide you with the opportunity to manage and handle any damage control. The application displays the mentions received by your posts, and it also categorizes them into positive, neutral, and negative mentions.


Hookle is one of the best and preferred social media management applications. It states that Hookle has all the features possessed by other applications. The application has an excellent modern display, and it provides the users with all essential features, to begin with, social media management. The app also suggests innovative management strategies. Hookle has a unique feature called dark Mode, where the users who prefer dark themes can make use of it.

The application is available on both Android and iOS devices. The significant benefit of the application is its dashboard usage. It has a simple way of dashboard usage. This application allows you to have trials before you get connected to social accounts. It works well for people who do not prefer to expose their social identity. 


Marketing professionals and social media highly prefer this application. It helps you make updates in various other social media applications if you like doing it. Here you can pick your preferred platform to post your content rather than randomly updating it everywhere. The application customizes the updates made on Twitter and makes it complete. Scheduled posts are simple using the application. You can make your posts at a suitable time on any social network you want them on.

They do not track the online performances as there is no analytics included in the tool’s features.  Everypost has a suitable mechanism as it permits the user to update the content without limitations. It helps you post on all social media networks at a time. Install it, and you can enjoy the 14-days trial after you sign up on your android or iOS devices.


SEMrush is a well-known Search engine Optimization platform; simultaneously, it possesses a few social media management tools for management purposes on various social media platforms. It permits you to update and schedule updates on multiple platforms using multiple editing options, image editors, and customizing options.

You can also do ad management across other social media networks. The one powerful fact about SEMrush is it permits you to merge social media management and the marketing strategies along with the entire SEO analytics to bring everything to one place.


Social media management is now hitting mobile apps. Every industry requires these apps where professionals can make use of them for good results. The main focus of these applications is to check online performance. It is essential to check your brand’s online reputation. Brands can have a reputation only if you prepare fresh content and schedule your updates in routine. These handy applications installed in your phone can give you the strength to maintain your social media management and enhance the users’ efficiency and productivity.

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