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Ranking the Top 5 Android Emulators

Developers test Android applications and games on a large number of devices before the official release. And android emulators are a good way to test apps while they’re in development. When people realized that they can use a PC or Mac to play Android games, they became a kind of craze. Emulator’s functions are different; some emulators can only run applications, while others can emulate the entire operating system. Here we are going to analyze the good and bad aspects of the most popular Android emulators and see which one is the best. Without further delay, let’s compare and rank the top 5 Android emulators with each other.

5. MEmu

The memo program that runs Android applications on the computer, is said to be the fastest available Android emulator, the note emulator has great performance thanks to the support of Intel and AMD processors and the full emulator supports a mouse and keyboard for playing mobile games on a computer screen in a simple and very convenient way and this is definitely a very cool feature of this completely free emulator.

The emulator supports the Android Jelly Bean version, the Android Lollipop version, and the Android KitKat version, and also supports multiplayer games. Note that the last update of the MEmu program was at the end of the previous year 2019 and it came time with some features that were mainly the addition of smart keyboards along with the usual performance improvements and bug fixes.


  • It Robust the environment
  • Best Visually appealing
  • Advanced features such as OpenGL and hardware acceleration support
  • Fastest of all (based on x86 architecture)


  • The worst minus is it Requires users to install and configure VirtualBox separately
  • Not equipped with Google Apps
  • Its Free version is extremely limited

4. NOx

Nox emulator is available for free and has many features and capabilities, the most important of which is to download any application from the computer to the emulator and run it, and this feature will definitely be useful especially if you want to download and try it out. Applications in APK format. Does all this apply to this emulator? Nox emulator definitely does not support customization and gestures, so in a few minutes you can set up the keyboard to play any game in a specific way.

The nice thing about the program is also that it comes with a simple interface that makes it easy to use the program effortlessly, and the program is compatible with processors from AMD, and the great thing about the program is that it supports working in Windows 32-core version bit and 64-bit kernel, so there will be no problem for devices with Orbiting medium specifications.


  • Best Ability to root and uninstall with one click.
  • One of the best pros is you can specify the number and speed of CPU processors, as well as the size of RAM. Gamers and any application testers can allocate as many resources as they want.
  • You can assign keystrokes to simulate touch gestures so you can fully replicate the Android experience with just key mapping.
  • Built-in GPS controller options. This allows you to test/simulate locations, which is very handy for games like Pokemon Go!


  • Extremely slow to load on the first launch. You may stare at the loading screen for a while before you can start playing games or testing apps.
  • Running multiple instances requires a separate tool.

3. Phoenix OS

This emulator is one of the latest emulation software for Android phones and devices and provides the best experience for playing Android games on the PC screen and also provides a desktop-like experience on PCs.
Therefore, it is a great choice to make things faster and much better than smartphones and tablets. In addition, Phoenix OS also includes Google Play services.


  • Has pre-configured ARM support, i.e. you can run Google-based apps right out of the box.
  • Installation is as easy as dragging and dropping Android app packages (APK files) into the emulation (or downloading from the built-in browser).
  • You can use your Android phone as a remote control when playing Android games.
  • Phoenix is based on VirtualBox (like Genymotion). It doesn’t require a dedicated graphics card to run smoothly and only works well with integrated graphics.


  • If you are not careful during the installation process, your system may end up with malware. Don’t just click “Next”. Make sure you read what you are installing.
  • British keyboard layout by default for some reason.
  • Installation is too slow takes some extra time

2. Remix OS

Remix OS Player is one of the best emulation software for Android and is one of the modern programs that have recently appeared. This, and this program works with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, which is somewhat good compared to other programs running an old Android system, and one of the good things about this program is the method of installation and use, where The program is easy to install, except that it is easy to use, so you do not need an explanation Explanatory to explain how to use it.

In addition, Remix OS Player provides a customizable toolbar and supports one of the great advantages of simultaneous multiplayer playback, which is a fairly clean emulator that can be used to perform your tasks from the computer screen instead of the Phone screen Small.


  • Comprehensive Android Development Environment
  • Emulation is device-dependent and every emulation is accurate
  • Built-in support for Google apps


  • Gargantuan download size is 1.8 GB
  • An even larger install of up to 7 GB
  • One mistake and you’re stuck with incredibly heavy download times.
  • Challenging learning curve

1. BlueStacks

BlueStacks is considered one of the most widely used Android emulators for Windows. This is not a concise emulation environment. It would be more correct to call it Android App Player for Windows. BlueStacks is now free in select regions. At one point it was free all over the world.

Must check: How to Root BlueStacks 5

Some people use it to play games like Clash of Clans across multiple accounts. This is easier to manage given that the tool is plug-and-play. Legacy builds of this app were not as user-friendly and required many workarounds to keep several popular apps running smoothly.


  • One-click installation on Windows.
  • Easy installation of 3rd party APKs (double click and go)
  • A self-supporting environment does not require VirtualBox.
  • Uses Gmail ID to access Play Store.


  • If you want to restore your game progress, you will need to install and log into the G+ and/or Play Games apps.
  • Limited library of supported applications.


All emulator developers bring something unique to attract their users. Some aim to create an easy-to-use app player while others are aimed at gamers and app testers. However, all of them will constantly catch up with the official Android emulator. So, if emulation accuracy is your goal after this 5minute read you know well where to go.

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