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Some of the Benefits and Drawbacks of Moving Nashville

What is the most special about Nashville? The country music for sure. This genre is vastly popular among the people of the USA and in the whole world as well. If you are a true lover of country music, Nashville might be a top choice for you. But, what if you are not loving this music genre? Let’s find what else Nashville is special for!

If you are considering the job opportunities Nashville promises you to provide a handful of career benefits as their economy is still rising day by day. Their food variety is amazing including the crafted beers, Mexican cuisine and some of the signature menus. You will find some amazing neighborhoods which ensure you a smooth living like The Gulch. Downtown, Brentwood, Music Row, etc.


If you are not planning to own a house and search Nashville TN apartment for rent then the best news is renting in Nashville is quite affordable than any other similar south cities and much cheaper than the USA’s significant cities like California, Newyork, etc.


Weather is not an important factor when you are planning to travel to any place, but would be a vital point if you want to settle there.

Both the summer and winter in Nashville are bearable. The average maximum temperature in summer in this city is 90 F while the lowest average is 70 F. On the other hand, 48F is the highest average in winter and the lowest average is 31F

Sometimes summer is too hot. The only downside of Nashville’s weather is you never know when it will be raining here. It may occur anytime anywhere.

Health Facility

Healthcare and Medical Providers are quite good in Nashville. You don’t need to worry about any emergency support.

Schools and Colleges

The educational facility in Nashville is a strong point of this city for those who are looking to settle here. Some of the US’s tops schools and colleges are located here having almost all courses are available.


Now, that obvious factor that everyone knows about Nashville – Music! This city is known as the “World’s Songwriters Capital”. Music is the heart of this city and you will find musical shows and events everywhere in this city all year round. Most of the city’s restaurants and lively bars have live music which will be your ultimate choice if you are a music lover.


Still, public transportation is quite organized and sufficient but the rising population trends of this city forecast that you will face trouble with public transportation soon. Already, these are not covered every corner of the city. So, you may need a car for a smooth ride. Traffic is not terrible like Austin, Texas, another major city of the south.

The international airport of Nashville is connected with all the major cities of the USA which is a plus point.

Night Life

Nightlife in Nashville is a classic, electric having amazing lively bars here and there. All of the bars and restaurants have music and a wide range of good foods.

So, this is obvious that there are not so many drawbacks to moving to Nashville, TN. You can raise your child here quite efficiently, enjoy your life in a super vibe and the cost of living is quite better than any other major city.

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Shehbaz Malik
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