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What is Managed IT Service Provision – and How Could it Benefit Your Company?

In the last twenty to thirty years, the world of business has been completely transformed. With the advent of the internet in the early ’90s and the incessant rise of technology, more and more companies have now shifted a considerable percentage of their business operations online. Indeed, it would be hard to find a company these days that doesn’t rely (at least to some degree) on tech and the web to function.

A new way of working online

As our reliance on IT and networks continues to increase for everything from our everyday communications to digital storage, so companies have come to integrate the real world with the virtual. If nothing else, the recent emergence of coronavirus has proven that today, it’s perfectly feasible to do the majority of commerce completely online without the need for physical interaction or face-to-face meetings.

While most firms have come to realize they need their IT networks more, many are still operating in the relatively dark ages of trying to run their own internal servers and networks. However, with vastly improved technologies and, in particular, considerably faster connection speeds and networks, there is a much better solution – namely that of managed service providers (MSPs).

Managed service providers (MSPs) – a rough guide

There’s nothing particularly new about the concept of outsourcing business services – companies have looked to third-party providers for many years for everything from admin assistance to call centers – but, when it comes to IT, there used to be a relatively insular view where many firms believed they needed to keep everything in-house. In part, this was down to the comparatively slow speeds offered by dial-up connections but, as network infrastructures and technologies have improved, there has been a huge growth in remote IT service providers.

These days, it’s possible for businesses to outsource their entire IT requirements to managed service providers (MSPs) that will look after everything from the initial set up of a network and its storage provision to ensuring that the data contained therein remains safe from unwanted intrusion. Given the importance of IT infrastructures to most firms these days, it should seem almost a no-brainer to outsource this precious resource – yet, still, many companies persist in attempting to handle their communications and IT requirements alone, often utilizing old and unsafe equipment.

There are multiple benefits to be had by companies partnering with a third-party provider for their IT services, including:

Reduced overhead: Setting up and running an IT network reliably takes skills and experience – more often than not learned over many years of study and on-going training. This kind of knowledge doesn’t come cheap and, consequently, IT specialists are among the highest paid of any profession. Outsourcing means you’ll have access to the best professionals at a fraction of the cost of employing them full-time, giving you a vastly more economical return on investment (ROI).

Greater security: Instead of trying to shoehorn a member of staff into an IT role, as many companies do, partnering with a professional firm allows companies to benefit from best-in-class security provision.

On-tap support and advice: Most skilled IT companies will identify potential issues before they become a problem but, should the worst happen and you find your network or storage infiltrated, your service provider will go above and beyond to fix any concerns – support that’s typically available 24/7/365.

Bespoke service provision: All companies are different, and all have to differ in IT and network requirements. A third-party specialist will take the time to understand your needs and find a solution that best fits exactly what you need.

Shehbaz Malik
Shehbaz Malik
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