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Easy Troubleshooting Steps to Fix QuickBooks Error 100060

QuickBooks is an accounting software program this is widely used all over the world. Given that QuickBooks is a tool so it can’t be free of insects and errors. QuickBooks errors 100060 is one of such mistakes.

What’s QuickBooks Error 100060?

QuickBooks users can also come across QuickBooks factor of Sale mistakes 100060 at the time of the usage of QuickBooks factor of Sale. This mistake shows that the QuickBooks POS is not able to create crucial money owed for your QuickBooks economic software program. You could get error code 100060 whilst walking an economic change for the primary time in an account.

On this blog, we will illustrate the causes and the clean solutions of QuickBooks blunders 100060.

Reasons for QuickBooks POS blunders 100060

QuickBooks mistakes 100060, in particular, arises because of the following two reasons:

  • At the time of the first financial exchange, the account has been already activated at the QuickBooks factor of Sale.
  • If the QuickBooks user signed into QuickBooks without the permission of QuickBooks administrator then, you may result in QuickBooks error 100060.

A way to fix QuickBook’s point Of Sale errors 100060

Indexed underneath are the answers to resolve QuickBooks blunders 100060.

Answer 1: in the course of the first economic alternate, the account has been already activated on the QuickBooks factor of Sale. Then, observe the stairs indexed under:

  • First off, release QuickBooks financial software program.
  • Pick out Edit and go to the choices > Accounting.
  • Then, pick out organization possibilities and clean the “Use Account Numbers”.
  • Press
  • Subsequent, complete a financial exchange from QuickBooks POS.
  • In QuickBooks, pick out Edit > options > Accounting.
  • Select agency preferences and to reactivate the account variety pick ‘Use account variety’.
  • In the end, press

Answer 2: If the QB user signed into QuickBooks without the permission of QuickBooks administrator then, observe the steps written under:

  • In QuickBooks, pick out file > close agency/Logoff.
  • Log in as the administrator in the business enterprise document.
  • Then, pick out windows > near All.
  • Pick file > preferences > corporation.
  • Inside the financial preferences, pick out bills and ensure that all debts don’t have any brackets.
  • If any account includes brackets however you’re not able to discover the ideal account in the drop-down listing, then create an Account in QuickBooks by means of the help of following steps:
  1. Open Lists and then go to the Charts of debts.
  2. Select bills > New.
  3. Select the sort of the account, name the account and fill the additional filed, if required.
  4. Pick out the store and close.
  • Subsequently, In QuickBooks POS, near and restart company alternatives Window and select debts. There should be no brackets in any bills.


We are hoping this blog enables you in resolving QuickBooks POS blunders 100060. In case you are still experiencing equal issues even as trying the above answers then, sense lose to get in contact with our QuickBooks team by dialling the QuickBooks phone number.

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