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The Full South Carolina Contractor License Guide

Obtaining a contractor’s license in South Carolina can be complicated, but it is necessary to perform work legally in the state. This legal document, also known as a contractor’s certificate of registration, grants the licensee the ability to perform contract work in South Carolina legally. To qualify for this license, applicants must meet various requirements, including having a minimum amount of experience and passing an exam. This guide will provide an overview of the steps required to obtain a contractor’s license in South Carolina.

Step 1: Register Your Business

The first step in obtaining a South Carolina General contractor license is registering your business with the Secretary of State. This must be done before you can apply for a contractor’s license. You can register your business online or by mail. If you choose to register by mail, you must complete the necessary paperwork and submit it directly to the Secretary of State.

Step 2: Complete the Application

Once your business is registered, you can begin the application process for your contractor’s license. You will need to fill out and submit an application form to the South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulations (LLR). The application must include information about your experience, education, and other qualifications relevant to the type of work you plan to do as a contractor. When you submit your application, you must also include the application fee.

Step 3: Take a Pre-Licensing Course

All applicants must complete a pre-licensing course before they can receive their contractor’s license. The course is designed to teach the applicant relevant information about the legal, financial, and practical aspects of contracting in South Carolina. The course must be taken from a provider approved by the LLR. You can find a list of approved providers on the LLR’s website.

Step 4: Pass Exams

To obtain a contractor’s license in South Carolina, you must pass two exams administered by LLR: one on technical trade and one on business law. These exams are computer-based and must be taken at an approved testing centre. You will need to pay a fee for each exam when registering. The minimum passing score for each exam is 70%. If you do not pass an exam on the first try, you can retake it up to two times.

Step 5: Obtain Surety Bond

You will need to obtain a surety bond before receiving your contractor’s license in South Carolina. A surety bond is an agreement between three parties – the principal (you), the obligee (the state), and the surety company – that guarantees that all obligations related to your work as a contractor will be met according to state laws and regulations. The amount of the bond depends on what type of work you plan to do as a contractor; it ranges from $5,000 to $50,000 depending on what kind of work you plan on doing and how much money you expect to make annually.

Step 6: Submit Financial Statements

You need to submit financial statements with your application for licensure for LLR to determine if you have sufficient funds available for completing projects as promised. These statements should include information about any assets or liabilities associated with your business and any income or expenses related to it over the past year or two years, if applicable.

Step 7: Submit Insurance Documentation

It is essential to provide proof of insurance coverage when applying for licensure in South Carolina; this includes general liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance if applicable. Your insurance provider should be able to provide documentation verifying that these policies are active and up-to-date upon request from LLR during their review process of your application materials.

Step 8: Pay Fees & Submit Application Materials

Once all required documents have been submitted, applicants must pay all applicable fees before LLR staff members can review their applications. They will then make decisions regarding licensure eligibility based on all submitted materials. If approved, applicants will receive their licenses within 30 days after submitting payment for fees due.

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