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TikTokCounter: 5 Latest TikTok Features That Brands Need to Know

TikTok is a growing platform with over 1 billion active users worldwide. It is a short-video sharing platform where users can share funny, entertaining, and informational videos with the public. Moreover, TikTok has so many exciting features that attract the audience. The app starts its journey with funny videos, but now it has become a potential place for businesses. 

In addition, the app has more developments in features and interfaces, which makes it user-friendly. The regular feature updates are not only for individuals but also for brands and businesses on the platform. To utilize the app to its potential brands need to be updated with the latest features. For example, if brands have tried out one of the latest features and imagine, they need to know whether the implementation works out. Now brands need not worry! Brands can opt for a TikTok counter and shall check on the accurate Live counts for their videos. These accurate results will help brands decide whether to utilize these features or leave them apart. 

Similarly, the app has dynamic development throughout its growth. The app is now playing an indispensable role in the online market. The app is a whole of video content. So the engagement rates are higher. The engagement rate is around 18% which cannot be seen in other apps.

Moreover, the app ensures a global reach if your videos are great and attractive. So, in a nutshell, brands and marketers must stay tuned with the latest TikTok updates to make their position high on the platform. So here in the below article, we will see the latest TikTok features that brands need to know for sure. So Let’s get started!

Why Should Brands Leverage the TikTok Platform?

When you check on the platform, even the more prominent brands have a TikTok account. As brands showcase the humanizing side on the TikTok platform, they can easily engage with the audience. Moreover, the app can drive the attention of organic followers and helps to maintain a long-term relationship with them. 

Similarly, with hashtags and campaigns, brands can easily promote their products and services on the platform. For example, if you check on the popular brand denim and check out their campaign #InMyDenim, you will get to know the greater participation of the audience all over the world. Per the hashtag challenge of denim, the viewers have to post a picture with the denim jeans. So through these campaigns, there occurs a significant interaction and connection with the audience. 

Top Latest Features on TikTok

1. Content Maturity Ranking Systems

It is a method aimed at eliminating inappropriate content on TikTok that is reaching teenagers. This new system will organize the content based on thematic maturity. So, for example, frightening, intense, or vulnerable content will be neglected from reaching younger audiences. As nearly 80-90% of the app users are Gen Z, introducing this feature will make the app more user-friendly. So the videos will not mentally affect the teenager’s mind, and now the app is more focused on the audience’s well-being. So brands must ensure their content will pass on the content maturity systems. In addition, this feature provides parents with the guarantee that their children are safe with TikTok video watching. 

2. Post-To-View Feature

It is an excellent feature for brands for better promotion. Recently, viewers have experienced a ‘post to view’ message on their TikTok feeds. It is nothing, but without posting their own photos, the users cannot watch the content given in the images of others. So the users now can receive a ‘Time to Now’ notification daily, and they need to post videos or photos or share them with friends. Once posted within three minutes, it will unlock the other posts to see. For brands, this feature is more like a reminder for regular posts. 

3. TikTok Now

TikTok Now allows users to take videos and photos for 10 seconds using the front and back cameras. It makes users share photos and videos contents daily that matters the most. There are specific parameters available to view the TikTok Now feature, 

  • Users younger than 18 cannot share the content on the explore feed. 
  • Users of age 13 -15 have commenting options limited to Friends only. 
  • Users aged 18+ can share the content with TikTok Community Now.

4. TikTok Profile Kit

It is a new way of highlighting videos on TikTok. Users can enhance their online presence using this feature. Users can now highlight six TikTok videos, the most popular or handpicked videos, that will appear on the link tree, i.e., an external site. LinkTree is in partnership with TikTok. It is a more robust option, allowing viewers to play videos within the LinkTree app. The primary point is that not all users can add a bio to their website links. All business accounts with over 1000 followers may unlock the feature. To add the Linktree to your TikTok profile, follow these steps, 

Copy the Linktree URL, go to your TikTok profile, and click on the edit option. Business accounts need to pass through specific criteria. 

5. TikTok Avatars

TikTok has launched new avatars so users can show their individuality on the platform. You can access the new avatar by navigating to the TikTok camera, where you can see a panel of avatar templates. Users can try out different hairstyles, makeup, face emojis, piercings, ornaments, etc. You can customize your avatar as you want. Now you can make the videos more popular. 


All these features mentioned above are the latest and newly updated on TikTok for the usage of the users. This article helped you explore the recent features of TikTok. Marketers eager to learn these features in detail shall read them once again and have a clear understanding of feature functionalities. Similarly, after trying the features, brands want to check out the results. So brands can try using TikTok counter and shall acquire seamless instant results. If you find the article worth reading, you can comment below. Thanks for reading!

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