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Why Is My Computer Running So Slow? 6 Possible Causes

Did you know that 24 percent of global users don’t understand new technology and computers? If you want to learn why your computer’s running slowly, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over technology tips and reasons why your computer’s slowing down.

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  1. Is Your Software Old?

Do you dismiss a lot of software updates that pop up on your computer? Try not to do this anymore. Otherwise, your computer might end up being slow.

Make sure you do maintenance and check the updates once a week.

  1. Does Your Computer Have a Virus?

Sometimes, people have to deal with a virus on their computer. The virus can use up your computer’s resources and place your data at risk. Make sure you use anti-virus software to remove the virus.

  1. Slow Broadband

Sometimes, a computer’s slow because of the internet connection. Make sure you check the broadband speed. A slow download speed will impact your computer.

Find out if your service provider’s conducting maintenance. You might want to switch to a different company.

  1. You Don’t Have Much Storage Space Left

Over time, as you add more files to your PC, you will have less hard drive space.

A full hard drive will impact your computer’s performance. Make sure you clean out your storage often so you can have more space.

  1. Are You Downloading Massive Files?

If you download large files, your computer might end up being slower than usual. Make sure you take a look at what’s currently in the download queue on your computer.

  1. Don’t Run Too Many Programs Simultaneously

Make sure you look at your Task Manager to find out how many programs you’re running.

You might notice that different applications will take a while to load or startup. Some application screens will end up freezing, or you’ll experience slow browsing.

Use your Task Manager to find applications that use a lot of memory. Close down these different applications.

To do this, make sure you type Task Manager in the search bar and open it up. Look for programs that use a lot of memory.

You can find programs that use much memory by clicking on the top of the Memory column. Right-click the program and make sure you select End Task.

You should also close tabs filling up your browser. Quit applications that run in the background. You’ll free up CPU bandwidth and RAM. Your computer will end up running faster.

Learn more about speeding up a slow computer.

Now You Have Some Technology Tips

We hope this guide on how to speed up your computer was helpful. These technology tips should help speed up your computer.

Make sure you close tabs you aren’t using and shut down applications that run in the background. Complete any updates on your computer.

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Shehbaz Malik
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