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5 Reasons Singapore is the Best Destination for Family Vacations

Holiday vacations are always fun, especially if the vacation time spend with family. Sometimes, taking a break to do a vacation abroad with families would be a great option to spend the holiday times. But don’t just choose any country. Choose a comfortable country to visit with your family, especially if you bring your little one, because not all countries provide complete facilities that are comfortable, safe, and kid-friendly. Also, don’t forget to choose a hotel that has complete facilities for a family vacation.

One of the best countries with family-friendly facilities to spend the holiday time with is Singapore. At the beginning of the year, Hotel Promotion Singapore was widely available. So don’t miss this opportunity. Here are 5 reasons Singapore is the best destination for a family vacation.

Kid-Friendly Country

Want to take your little one on vacation abroad? Singapore would be an option. Singapore is a kid-friendly country because it has many facilities that make it easy for your little one to travel. The hotel also provides many facilities for children. Even while waiting in line at Changi airport, the airport in Singapore was nominated as the world’s best airport according to Skytrax at the 2017 World Airport Awards. People who queue with children are prioritized.

Besides, this country with the lion symbol also has many children’s attractions such as Universal Studio Singapore, Tayo Station, ORTO, Keppel Center for Art Education, Central Public Library, and many more. Guaranteed, your little one will feel comfortable on vacation here.

Full of Variety of Entertain that Family-Friendly

Singapore has a wide variety of exciting entertainment venues. Not only for children, but parents can also feel the excitement. This can be used to create happy and unforgettable moments between family members. Adventure Cove Waterpark, USS, Admiralty Park, Singapore Flier, KidZania, Legoland, Sanrio Hello Kitty, Amazing Rice Virtual, and Jurong Bird Park are recommended places because they have many exciting attractions activities to do together. So that the moment of quality time with family feels exciting and fun.

Hotels with Kids Friendly Facilities

To make your vacation even more memorable, choose a place to stay accommodations that are safe, comfortable, and have complete facilities for families. Especially if you plan to stay at the hotel. You don’t have to worry about finding it difficult because many hotels in Singapore provide complete facilities for families and can make your vacation more comfortable. It will become more special if you book a place for stays in Singapore by using Traveloka because it provides promos and discounts for hotels and offers low prices.

There are several hotel recommendations that you can choose to stay for couples of nights in Singapore, such as Shangri-La Hotel Singapore, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore, Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort and Spa, and The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore. The hotel has many public facilities that can support children’s creativity and also offers exciting activity packages that the whole family can do.

Hala Food for Muslims Are Everywhere

Looking for a Muslim-friendly country? Singapore can be one of the countries in Southeast Asia that you can choose. Its location is not far from several Muslim biggest countries in Southeast Asia such as Malaysia and Indonesia, making this country with an advanced infrastructure to have many halal culinary delights that are easy to find. You can try a variety of halal Singaporean food menus, including Singapore Laksa, Ice Kachang, Fish Head Curry, Hokkien Shrimp Noodle, Hainanese Rice, Kaya Bread, Prata Bread, Singapore Rujak, and many more.

Close to Indonesia

Singapore is one of the unique and interesting tourist destinations that are close to Indonesia. Even if you depart from the city of Jakarta, the travel distance is only 2 hours. In addition, the weather in this country is almost similar as Indonesia, so you can adapt easily and don’t worry about your little one getting sick due to extreme weather changes. Hotel Promotion Singapore is widely offered by Singapore for Indonesian tourists because of this close distance.

Those are 5 reasons Singapore is the best destination for family vacations. So, are you interested in visiting? For easier booking, use the Traveloka application. Besides being safe and easy, Traveloka also offers Hotel Promotion Singapore at attractive prices for various hotels with beautiful facilities that you can choose from.

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