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Choosing the Right Business Hotel for Your Trip: A Guide to Finding the Perfect Place to Stay

Business travellers have different sets of needs from their leisure traveller counterparts – that’s why it’s essential to find the right business hotel for every trip.

Some corporate travellers fly in the middle of the night to their destinations. Then, travellers must check into their accommodations and rush out to the first meeting, training session, or industry event.

Therefore, the accommodations must place them in quiet rooms that also provide several amenities, such as:

  • Free wifi access
  • Efficient workspaces
  • Comfortable beds
  • Onsite meal options
  • Business equipment access

Depending on the trips’ purpose, some professionals might also require access to on-site meeting rooms, parking, and catering services.

Therefore, searching for the right property starts with exploring hotels catering to corporate travellers.

What Is the Right Business Hotel for Your Trip?

The right business hotel for your trip offers appropriate accommodations, amenities, and services suited to the reason for the journey.

For some travellers, comfortable beds and quiet rooms will suffice. Others require access to business equipment, meeting rooms, and

Corporate travel managers who need additional guidance finding the best business hotel or hotel home can also visit Hotel Engine.

We put together a guide for choosing the right business hotel for your trip and finding the perfect place to stay every time.

Obtain Referrals

Corporate travel managers can pick from just over 132k hotels and motels for their travelling sales teams, executives, and team members. New York City has almost 4k options and 2.6k options in Chicago.

It’s possible to narrow the options by focusing on accommodations catering to corporate professionals. However, that still leaves several to pick from in the most popular destinations.

Therefore, obtain referrals from veteran corporate travellers and corporate travel manager peers.

Happy guests will share their experiences and favourites. In addition, professionals will share the options they would skip for themselves and their team members.

Speak with an On-site Representative

Human-to-human contact continues making a comeback. Thus, speak with on-site representatives from referred hotels.

Before making phone calls, list the company’s needs. Then, add any relevant information that requires discussion. Lastly, list some questions for the representative.

Sometimes speaking with on-site representatives before booking reservations or team members arriving for check-in gives travel managers a vibe about the property.

Narrow Down Options

After making some phone calls, travel managers and entrepreneurs who book their travel should have enough information to narrow their options further.

While narrowing the list, keep three to the side for every city in case the top choice doesn’t have availability.

Explore the Amenities

Exploring the amenities is another way to pick the best business hotel for corporate trips.

Keep in mind that hotels compete against each other locally and nationally, giving travellers leverage.

Thus, list the amenities that team members require, such as:

  • Late check-in
  • Early check-in
  • Desk and workspace area
  • Fitness centre access
  • On-site restaurant or meal availability
  • High-end toiletries
  • In-room coffee maker
  • Top-notch beds and bedding
  • Entertainment system inside rooms

Then, find the properties that provide all of them or most.

Read the Reviews

Reading reviews has become essential before purchasing new productions, signing up for new subscriptions, and booking accommodations.

Read a handful and pay more attention to the 2- and 4-star reviews. Both usually offer honest feedback and improvement suggestions.

Check the Rates

After completing the above research, it’s time to check the rates. Sometimes, corporate travel managers and entrepreneurs must balance needs with wants to obtain comfortable rates.

Other times professionals will find that they can obtain all their business hotel wants at great rates.

Remember that rates fluctuate depending on the season and demand. Therefore, booking accommodations months in advance and checking back weeks before the travel dates arrive might become necessary.

Visit the Property

Whenever possible, corporate travel managers should visit the properties where they book their team members.

Managers can rely on feedback from travellers, but it also helps to see the properties in person and ensure that they remain up to par.

Then, schedule meetings with on-site representatives and use them to chat and address concerns or negotiate favourable rates while thanking them for their services.


Finding and choosing the right business hotel for corporate trips can take some research. Thus, corporate managers and entrepreneurs should obtain referrals, explore the amenities offered by each property, and visit the options whenever possible before booking.

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