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Ways To Avoid The Rejection Of Graduate Visa 485

Have you recently finished your studies and want to work in Australia after that? If yes, then the Temporary graduate visa subclass 485 has been designed for candidates like you. To become eligible you must have completed at least 2 years in higher education. Again, there are two individual streams of the visa subclass 485. These include the Graduate Work Stream and Post Study Work Stream. The former lets you stay and work for 18 months in Australia. Conversely, the latter lets you stay in Australia for 2 to 4 years.

How to avoid 485 visa rejection?

Did you know that the temporary graduate visa 485 also paves your way to attain a permanent residency in Australia? So, you must apply for this visa in a strategic manner. There are certain steps adhering to which you can apply for your 485 visas successfully. So, here are certain pointers and tricks for you regarding your 485 visa application. By executing these tips effectively you can ensure the fastest and a rejection-free visa application for you.

  1. Complete your skills assessment

Candidates applying for Graduate Work Stream must complete a skills assessment successfully. As an applicant, you must obtain a skills assessment imperatively. Remember, this is applicable to candidates applying for the graduate work stream, unlike the post-study workstream. So, make sure that you’ve complied with the following criteria to complete your skills assessment with flying colours.

  • The result of your skills assessment should be positive while the visa application is being decided. Failure to meet this criterion will lead to the abrupt rejection of your visa application. So, accordingly, you must appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). The AAT will approve you some more time until the verdict of your skills assessment comes out to be positive.
  • Make sure you’ve nominated a compatible occupation in accordance with your completed your course. So, you have to be extra careful while nominating your occupation. This is because once selected you cannot alter your occupation at all. You are allowed to reapply for your skills assessment in case if you face a rejection. In spite of this, you won’t be allowed to change your occupation in any way.

If you have faced rejection of your visa application, it might lead to certain consequences. First of all, you’ll have to leave Australia right then. Besides, the 485 visas Australia is approved to applicants after they’ve completed their courses. Meanwhile, you have faced an unexpected rejection and your student visa has also expired. In that case, you will have to stay in Australia on a bridging visa. Even you cannot reapply for your substantial visa in case you’ve already faced a rejection onshore on your bridging visa.

  1. Always opt for the right stream

As already told above that the 485 visas are comprised of two individual streams. These include the post-study workstream and the graduate workstream.  So, choose the visa which is absolutely compatible according to your current immigration status. Failure to do so will only increase your prospect of obtaining your PR with an erroneous stream.  To choose the right stream, you must learn the differences between the two visa streams first. Keeping that factor in mind, here is a short introduction to both the post-study work and graduate work stream.

  • Post Study Work Stream: To become eligible for this visa stream, you must have completed a valid course from an Australian institution. The Post Study Work Stream doesn’t require your course to pertain to the skilled occupations list. This implies that you won’t have to sit for a skills assessment test for this visa stream. Depending on your course, it lets you stay in Australia between a time-frame of two to four years.
  • Graduate Work Stream: The GSW stream requires you to graduate with a set of special qualifications and skills. These skills and qualifications should be relevant to some notable Australian occupations. So, to apply for this visa stream, you need to qualify in a substantial skills assessment test successfully. This visa stream lets you stay in Australia for a period of 18 months.

Remember, you can apply for a PR in Australia only with the Graduate Work Stream, unlike the Post Study Work Stream.  So, based on your current immigration situations, choose the visa stream which you find the most appropriate.

  1. Consider your stay duration in Australia

You must ascertain that the total duration of your stay in Australia is at least sixteen months and not less. This period should be comprised of the starting and concluding dates of your course. So, make sure you verify your offer letter thoroughly to ensure the dates are specifically mentioned there. This will help you to avoid an abrupt rejection of your Temporary graduate visa subclass 485effectively. Not only this, but you can also avoid staying in Australia in an unlawful manner.

  1. Evidence of English language test

You must provide substantial evidence of your English language competency while applying for your Subclass 485 Visa Australia imperatively. A lot of applicants face an outright visa rejection simply for noticing it at last. Some of the primary reasons behind this inadvertent mistake include:

  • If the student couldn’t obtain the expected score for re-appearing in the test
  • Due to long waits for at least 2 to 5 weeks to get the pertinent date of the exam.

Remember, you can use the number of your receipt in case you haven’t got your English exam result. You can upload the document substantiating the result after you have got it.

  1. Prepare the correct documents

While applying for your graduate visa 485, make sure you upload all the essential documents required. These chiefly include the following:

  • Your final transcripts
  • Your academic documents
  • Final certificate
  • Passport
  • Visa approval letter
  • Documents of your AFP clearance etc.

Make sure you email your institution about these documents on time and procure them accordingly. The reason is most of the institutions don’t give these documents timely before the student’s visa expires.

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