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Potential Guide about Visitor Visa 600 and its Streams

Being a well-known tourism attraction, Australia draws attention of visitors for social undertakings, medical treatments, holiday, travelling and lot more. Whatever the explanation behind movement possibly, for your visit to Australia, you need a substantial visitor visa from the Australian specialists. The visa departmental personnel’s evaluate your profile as per sticking to the standard rules pronounced by the public authority specialists. Australia has everything to amaze people from all parts of the world. With beautiful attractions and an extraordinary economy, the country draws in a ton of visitors from over the world.

Visitor VISA (SUBCLASS 600)

This visa permits people to visit Australia for travelling or temporary stay with family/family members. It is substantial for three, six or a year. Getting a visitor visa comes aling with 4 streams.

  • Tourist stream
  • Sponsored family stream
  • Affirmed objective status stream
  • Business visitor stream
  • Frequent Traveller stream


  • Great wellbeing and moral direct
  • Sponsorship, if it is available
  • Aims to return before the visa is terminated
  • No exceptional obligations to the Australian government
  • Monetary dependability and adequate assets to help the visit

The visitor visa subclass 600 gives numerous advantages for the visitors. It permits the abroad people to visit Australia for occasions, business, meeting the family and many more as such.

Step by step instructions to apply for a Subclass 600 (Business Visitor) Visa

  • You should apply for a Subclass 600 (Business Visitor) Visa from outside Australia, and exhibit that you fulfil recommended rules, including:
  • Your exercises won’t have unfavourable ramifications for the work or preparing of Australian residents or perpetual occupants
  • You expect to participate in a business visitor action in Australia. For instance, you ought to be set up to show that you have a business foundation
  • You won’t be working or offering merchandise or administrations to the general population
  • You have the way to help yourself during your remain
  • You really mean to remain in Australia briefly
  • You meet wellbeing and character necessities.


You should just plan to:

Stay in Australia for a temporary basis.

Comply with all conditions and stay period appended to your visa

Meet the fundamental wellbeing necessities of the nation to support its guidelines.

Meet the character prerequisites which basically imply that, you should finish the character assessment and stay of good character. The character prerequisites are set out under segment 501 of the Migration Act of 1958.

Have enough cash. You should have enough cash to help yourself while you are in Australia.

Eventual benefits of the kid. The Australian government probably won’t concede a visa in the event that it isn’t to the greatest advantage of a candidate under 18.


There are three essential stages which are required to apply for an Australian visitor visa and come to Australia. Just like any other country, Australia too maintains a set of strict protocols and rules which needs to be followed for national security. The below mentioned set of rules are made for making the application process effective.

Stage 1-Gather all the documents including the

  • Identification
  • Public Identity Documents
  • Letter from the Sponsor
  • Budgetary reports

Stage 2-Apply for your Australian visitor visa by

transferring all the vital reports

present your application.

Sort out visa wellbeing test/biometrics if vital.

Stage 3- You are good to go, presently you can come and visit Australia upon your award.


The Australian visitor visa handling time is:

75% of Applications recieved :  3 months

90% of Applications recieved: 4 months

The preparing season of a Fastrack visitor visa is generally 2 business days.


Following is the table demonstrating the Australian vacationer visa cost.

Stream Cost in AUD

Vacationer Stream (apply outside Australia) 365

Vacationer Stream (apply outside Australia) 145

Supported family stream         145

Business visitor stream           145

Fastrack (Additional)  1000


Some conditions are needed to be followed which comes along with Subclass Visitor Visa 600

Visa Condition 8101 – No Work

You should not work in Australia on this visa.

Visa Condition 8201 – Maximum 3 months study

While in Australia, you should not draw in, for over 3 months, in any investigations or preparing.

Visa Condition 8501 – Maintain sufficient medical coverage

You should have and you should keep up sufficient medical coverage for the entire of your stay in Australia.

Visa Condition 8503 – No further remain

A visitor must not stay in Australia after the finish of the time of remain allowed by the visa.

Visa Condition 8531 – Must leave before visa expiry

Must leave before visa expiry: The holder is not entitled to stay in Australia after the termination of visa.

Visa Condition 8558 – Non Resident

A non-occupant can’t remain for over a year.

We hope the above mentioned information has all the necessary details regarding visitor visa 600 and its streams which you are looking for sending an error free information. If you are planning for visiting Australia and witness its scenic beauty from your own eyes, take the help of Immigration Agent  and fulfil all your desires.

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