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Simple Driving Tips to Follow when Leiebil Spania

Spain abounds in popular tourist destinations. But, it’s also a perfect place for adventurers and those who want to visit the hidden gems of this amazing country. These places are not always included in conventional tourist routes, so the best way to reach them is by car.

Whether these are vineyards, off-the-beaten-path restaurants, small mountain villages, or hidden beaches, a vehicle just for yourself allows you to plan your itinerary as you want. If you don’t travel in your car, you can check and rent it.

Roads in Spain are of good quality, so your ride will be safe and comfortable. Although automatic transmission is more convenient, most Spanish rental companies offer manual diesel-run models. But if you’re not comfortable with this transmission type, look for rental companies with automatic vehicles.

Prepare Documents

While the minimum age for driving in Spain is 18 years, most car rentals require drivers to be at least 21. But you can be charged a young driver fee if you are under 25. So be sure to have a valid driver’s license with you and an ID document with a photo to prove your age.

Non-European residents need International Driver’s permit, which can easily be issued and cost a few dollars for an entire year. Also, you’ll also need a credit or debit card to prove you have enough funds. Hire companies usually hold certain funds for a few days. Remember that EUR is the currency in Spain, so exchange enough money.

You’ll be required to sign several legal forms that will allow you to rent a car. Before signing, read the contract carefully to know the rental terms. For example, many companies require a full tank when returning. Also, make sure to check out the vehicle for any damage before you go, as this can void the insurance on the rental car.

Use Benefits of Early Booking

You won’t have trouble locating a rental car company and getting a vehicle in Spain despite the language barrier. You can always reach an English-speaking agent to help you with that. But whenever you can, you should book a car online, at least a few weeks before your trip.

A rental is generally cheaper than in the States, but you can still get a good deal by booking ahead of time. Some companies suggested by offer discounts to those who pay their rentals upfront. You can avoid currency conversion and international transaction fees. Just print your prepaid voucher to avoid surprises later on. Or you can pay a deposit and give the rest in cash when you come to get a car.

Have Proper Insurance

When signing the rental contract, make sure you understand it to the T. Pay particular attention to insurance terms. Spanish laws require coverage for rental vehicles, so hire companies should include standard packages in their offers. These include Third-Party Liability and CDW.

Hire companies are likely to offer their excess insurance on the spot. That can cost you a lot. When you book a vehicle online, make sure to buy an insurance policy, too. Shop around to find the best alternative for a costly excess. You can save a significant amount of money.

Follow Driving Rules

Driving in Spain is relatively similar to driving in North America and the rest of Europe (except the UK). Spanish drive on the right side of the road. The country uses the international 3-colour traffic light system. Keep your eyes open and avoid distracting other traffic participants.

You must wear a seatbelt at all times. Kids under 12 should ride in the backseat. As for the equipment, every vehicle must have two warning triangles, a reflective jacket, and headlamp beam deflectors. On this page, you can check some survival tips for long-distance travel with kids.

In Spain, you’ll find that the road system is well-developed. Many national highways connect the mountains to the sea and the plains to the desert in Almeria. While the speed limits are lower than in the US, follow them to avoid accidents.

When you’re well-informed, you can book a car online or visit any rental desk in Spain without hesitation. You’ll know exactly what car and insurance type you need, so no one can rip you off. Stay on the right side of the law, and enjoy your stay in this amazing country.

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