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Southern Charm: 5 Reasons More People Are Living in Alabama

Are you tired of your current city or state? Have you been wondering where you should move this year? We have the perfect answer for you—Alabama!

About 70 percent of counties in Alabama are experiencing growth thanks to people moving from out-of-state. Alabama is becoming an ideal location to move to if you need to relocate your family or retire.

Here are the top five reasons more people are living in Alabama.

  1. A Lower Cost of Living

One of the best reasons why people are moving to Alabama is because of the lower cost of living. Alabama’s cost of living ranks at 82.3, which is significantly less than the U.S. average of 100.

You will be able to save on rent, mortgages, food, taxes, transportation, and more. In addition, you can find a lot more house for a lot less, as there are lots of cheap places to live in Alabama

  1. A Great Place to Raise a Family

Alabama is quickly becoming a great place to raise a family. Close-knit communities and southern hospitality have ranked Alabama as one of the friendliest states in America.

One such community that is a perfect example is the Highlands of Chelsea by Holland Homes. Visit to learn more about how this new community can become your new home.

  1. A Perfect Place to Retire

If you or a loved one is wondering where to retire in the immediate future or coming years, look no further than Alabama. With nice warm weather virtually year-round, shoveling snow and scraping ice off your windshield quickly becomes a thing of the past.

There are many senior-friendly activities and communities to choose from.

  1. A Growing Culture Scene

One of the best reasons to move to Alabama is that this state’s culture scene is thriving. New restaurants are popping up all the time, adding to its delectable culinary scene.

Big tech companies and cool new start-ups are setting up shop in Alabama, bringing high-paying jobs to the state.

  1. Lots of Things to Do

Unlike some other states that have a low cost of living, you won’t be left wondering what to do in Alabama. There are always lots of things to do in this great state.

Thanks to its varied landscape, people who enjoy the outdoors can go to the beach, the mountains, the wetlands, or the forests for an adventure.

If you’re a sports fan, you’re in luck if you want to go watch a game. Football and basketball are big-time draws for entertainment, with some of the best college programs in the country.

Want to Know More About What It’s Like Living in Alabama?

There are so many great reasons for living in Alabama, especially if you want to lower your total cost of living without sacrificing beautiful weather, amenities, or a thriving culture scene.

If you are looking for more travel and moving insights, be sure to follow along and read more articles.

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