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Sports Band Features Review

The primary function of the early Smart Band was movement monitoring. They are daily step counting, movement mode assistance, etc. With the progress of technology, motion monitoring has become a basic function. Today’s smart Bands have more and more functions. You can check the featured smart Band made by HONOR as an example. This particular HONOR Band 5 has distinct functions that make it superior from other ordinary bands available in the market. Despite telling time and date, it is packed with a Heart rate monitor, Sleep Monitor, and monitoring of SpO2 Blood Oxygen in the body.

This HONOR Band 5 continues the style design of the previous generation. The Band has a 0.95-inch AMOLED touch color screen. It has 240*120 high resolution. The PPI is as high as 282. The visual experience is excellent. The surface of the screen is covered with 2.5 D curved glass. It is more scratch-resistant. At the same time, it supports third-party custom dial. In addition, users can change the dial on the mobile phone APP. In the dial market, users only need to download the dial at the APP side. Users can follow the prompts to switch and update the dial. It is very convenient.

The watchband of HONOR Band 5 is hollowed out. It is more comfortable and breathable to wear. The detail is excellent. In addition, the Band supports wrist lifting to lighten the screen.

There are several sensors and charged metal contacts on the back of the Band. HONOR Band 5 is more convenient when charging. It does not require the handle ring to be removed from the watchband. Just place the handle ring on the matching charging base. It is very convenient.

The biggest upgrade of HONOR Band 5 is the addition of blood oxygen detection function. This is especially practical for high-intensity mental workers and users of the elderly. HONOR Band 5 deeply optimizes hardware light path and algorithm. It integrates multiple light sources. Oxyhemoglobin and DE oxyhemoglobin have different reflected absorption rate. Band 5 applies these characteristics to makes signal extraction. It uses an algorithm to measure the pulse oxygen saturation. The Band can display the measured results. It can upload to the app of the mobile phone. We can know the changes of our bodies in time on the app of our mobile phones. Pay close attention to our health at all times.

HONOR Band 5 supports 24-hour heart rate monitoring. Honor Band 5 has Huawei TruSeen3.5 heart rate technology. The technology has professional customized devices. Its self-developed algorithms offer users more accurate heart rate monitoring. In addition, the innovative PPG module design has good signal quality, high sensitivity, and low power consumption. HONOR Band 5 supports some hospitals to launch heart health research programs. HONOR Band 5 high-performance heart rate sensors combine with Heart Health Research APP. They can capture arrhythmia at any time. The accuracy rate of atrial fibrillation screening can reach 97.8%.

In addition to these functions, this Band also has a built-in high-precision AI algorithm. It reaches a comprehensive accuracy of 97.8%. HONOR Band 5 supports a wide range of sports modes. They cover all daily sports.

The development of Smart Bands in the field of health is getting deeper. Perhaps the health function will become the standard item of the Band in the future. Band 5, a full-featured smart Band, is indeed a very good choice at this price.

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