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What is the difference between High level and Low Level test case?

How Severity and Priority are related to each other?

  • Severity- tells the seriousness/depth of the bug where as
  • Priority- tells which bug should rectify first.
  • Severity- Application point of view
  • Priority- User point of view

High level Test cases are those which cover major functionality in the application (i.e. retrieve, update display, cancel (functionality related test cases), database test cases). Some of the best mobile automation tools in the market enables access to enjoy quick results.

Low level test cases are those related to User Interface (UI) in the application.

Explain Localization testing with example?

Localization is the process of changing or modifying an application to a particular culture or locale. This includes changes in user interface, graphical designs or even the initial settings according to their culture and requirements.

In terms of Localization Testing it verifies how correctly the application is changed or modified into that target culture and language.

In case of translation required of the application on that local language, testing should be done on each field to check the correct translation. Other formats like date conversion, hardware and software usage like operating system should also be considered in localization testing.

It is good practice to test software with a standard software testing company after a modification in a project. This will allow you to test whether the changes are applied correctly or not.

Examples for Localization Testing are

In Islamic Banking all the transactions and product features are based on Shariah Law, some important points to be noted in Islamic Banking are

In Islamic Banking, the bank shares the profit and loss with the customer.

In Islamic Banking, the bank cannot charge interest on the customer; instead they charge a nominal fee which is termed as “Profit

In Islamic Banking, the bank will not deal or invest in business like Gambling, Alcohol, Pork, etc.

In this case, we need to test whether these Islamic banking conditions were modified and applied in the application or product.

In Islamic Lending, they follow both the Gregorian calendar and Hijiri Calendar for calculating the loan repayment schedule. The Hijiri Calendar is commonly called as Islamic Calendar followed in all the Muslim countries according to the lunar cycle. The Hijiri Calendar has 12 months and 354 days which is 11 days shorter than Gregorian calendar. In this case, we need to test the repayment schedule by comparing both the Gregorian calendar and Hijiri Calendar.

Explain Risk Analysis in Software Testing?

In Software Testing, Risk Analysis is the process of identifying risks in applications and prioritizing them to test.

In Software testing some unavoidable risk might takes place like

Change in requirements or Incomplete requirements

Time allocation for testing. Developers delaying to deliver the build for testing. Urgency from client for delivery. Defect Leakage due to application size or complexity.

To overcome these risks, the following activities can be done

Conducting Risk Assessment review meeting with the development team.

Profile for Risk coverage is created by mentioning the importance of each area.

Using maximum resources to work on High Risk areas like allocating more testers for High risk areas and minimum resources for Medium and Low risk areas. Creation of Risk assessment database for future maintenance and management review.

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