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What you can do with good PC spy software?

If you are a parent who has handed over a PC to your lad and is now worried about his online activities, or a boss who is seeking to see what his employees do with their computers throughout the day, then we suggest you get good spy software. There are a number of applications available to you in the market but only a few actually work. Tools like the one spy can help you in controlling any PC and apply restrictions on it without much problem. Regardless of the fact that you are using Windows operating system or Mac OS, this PC spy software allows you to deal with different stuff. Here, we will take a look at a few things that you can do with it.

Spying on a Mac OS

Mac operating systems have made a good name for them and are known for their integrity. However, if you install the one spy and grant it permissions, it will allow you to manipulate the device in various ways.

Firstly, there is a mic bug that enables you to record and hear any conversation that happens around the target mac device. So, you can record the skype calls and other conversations that two or more people may have while they are using the device. Moreover, the camera bug permits you to have a look at the individual who is using your system. See the personals that are sitting on the other side of your Mac device and check whether you have allowed them to use your computer or not.

Apart from that, there is also a screen recording feature that enables you to record any activity that takes place on the computer through the recording screen. Then you have what they call the Key Logger which is a function that starts logging all keystrokes that take place on mac keyboard. There are a few other handy features that this product comes along and the developers are working on some more tools which will be out soon. The Mac spying software is one of the most advanced operating systems over the years. No doubt, the best MAC spying app is the ultimate tool to spy on a MAC laptop or desktop, and no matter what type of activities have been done by the user you can track it to the fullest. You can block the activities remotely such as website blocking on the machine through the website blocking app of the MAC tracking spyware.

Spying on Windows OS

Windows OS is perhaps the most commonly used OS when it comes to laptops and desktops. Many people use it for day-to-day chores and it is not unlikely that you might hand over a device to your loved one that comes with it. Using this PC spy software, you can do a lot on windows. It is especially handy if you are looking to take a peek at your employee’s daily activities on his computer.

The software permits you to get reports on the usage of the system. You can monitor and see what your worker has been doing all day long. Apart from that, you can ban websites and take screenshots if you come across something unusual and want to save it. Apart from that, you can set alarms and see if your employee indulges in any wrongdoing. The activity logs help you in turning to the system and see what the different activities are that your employee performed on his system throughout the day. Windows laptop or desktop has hit the world by storm over the last two decades. Therefore, people use the necessity to do surveillance on windows devices either in-home from a parenting point of view or in the offices in order to monitor the employee’s activities for productivity in a given time of period. Windows spying software enables a user to do effective work tracking of all types of machines running with the window operating system. No matter at what time a target person is using the machine and what sort of activities are being performed by the user. You can track the machine and the activities remotely within no time.


The windows & MAC surveillance app is the supreme monitoring spyware that enables a user to track all the activities that happen on the target laptop or desktop machine running with the MAC and Windows OS.

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