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Why Should You Travel to Costa Rica for Your Next Vacation?

Sixty-five percent of Americans plan on traveling more now than they ever did pre-Covid.

When you look at the numbers, people are now booking those trips they’ve always talked or dreamed about. Air travel is on the rise again, hotel bookings are returning to normalcy, and there’s an overall higher demand for travel in general, even for business. Travel isn’t limited to the international, with many people exploring the US, too.

But not you—you’re ready to set sail! Let loose! Cut back and enjoy yourself after months of hard work!

We think you should travel to Costa Rica. Here’s why.

Its Biodiversity Is Remarkable

The small size of Costa Rica does nothing to impact its impressive biodiversity, which accounts for almost 6% of the entire world’s biodiversity despite the country taking up only 0.03% of the Earth’s surface.

Because it’s situated between North and South America, it’s host to a wide range of species of plants and animals. It also has two expansive coasts—the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean—and a mountain range. All these territories contribute to several different climates, making Costa Rica a prime location for an assortment of wildlife.

The Serene Beaches Are Just That

Costa Rica offers some of the most beautiful, turquoise, and clean beaches you’ll ever see.

Of course, with two coastlines and a ton of diversification of landscape, each beach is different from the next.

Consider the famous Whale Tale beach in southern Costa Rica with its flat-topped beach that ends in two beaches curved on either side, like a whale’s tail. Or there’s Playa Hermosa, a beach host to massive waves, making it a go-to surfing destination. For leisurely swimming at a crescent-shaped beach, you’ve got Playa Conchal.

The hardest part of your stay will be deciding which to visit!

Food Is Abundant and Delicious

Costa Rican cuisine is special for a reason. With staples like rice, beans, and tortillas, there’s so much room to be creative—eat shrimp one day, have it vegetarian the next.

Enjoy classics like Moroccan chicken or Spanish paella, as well as plenty of casados, which are the famous combination of rice, beans, salad, your favorite meat, and plantains. Costa Rica is also making more effort to increase organic food options.

Don’t feel like cooking on vacation? No worries there, either. Get in touch with rental home companies like to enjoy an on-site chef!

Outdoor Activities Galore

If you’re an adventure, nature, and outdoor lover, Costa Rica is the place to be.

Costa Rica’s land is beautiful and often protected, which contributes to thriving wildlife and a natural environment. Enjoy plenty of preserved national parks which have anything from waterfalls, volcanoes, and lush jungle to white beaches and spider monkey sightings.

Enjoy any number of outdoor activities, such as hiking, scuba diving or snorkeling, kayaking, surfing, or rafting. There’s even mountain biking, windsurfing, ziplining, and sportfishing. There’s no room for downtime at an exciting place like this.

Travel to Costa Rica—Because Why Wouldn’t You?

Did you stop reading this article mid-way through to book your flight?

If not, congratulations on making it this far without pulling up your airline’s travel itinerary.

We’ve made it clear why you should travel to Costa Rica—the rest is up to you!

For more travel ideas, advice, and inspiration (and content to keep you occupied on your flight), come back often.

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